Scott Knudsen is not your ordinary 5th generation Texas cowboy with a business degree. He’s been struck by lightning (in the head, out one arm), played in a mixed doubles tennis tournament at the LA Forum in the 1980s with Billy Jean King and Martina Navitrealova for Yonex, and became a top sales rep for a Fortune 50 corporation, while running his horse and cattle companies. 

As President of the Board for the San Antonio area’s top-rated theater company—which just produced a sold-out run of “The Sound of Music,” he’s helped turn the non-profit’s balance sheet into around a $1 million-plus operation. At 51, his anything but average life experiences are inspiring and motivate others. Students at Texas A&M swarmed Scott after he spoke there earlier this year. 

From creative ideas for rescues to developing new revenue streams for trainers, Scott brings an energy and passion to his talks that don’t involve a new training technique or piece of equipment. Scott’s also an AQHA professional horseman, Ambassador and more. He founded the Extreme Trail Horse Association in 2018—which has already grown to more than 30 member parks in the US and Canada. 

There’s a story behind our Lightning K Ranch brand, and we’d like to share it with you: My family and I were down at the barn on our daughter’s first birthday when out of nowhere, I was struck by lightning while holding my one-year-old daughter – Down through my head and out the very arm and hand I was holding my daughter in.

Living through such a one-in-a-million event puts life, and what truly matters, into perspective. We felt we needed to incorporate this symbol – the lightning strike – with a logo recognizing our family, and thus, our Lightning K Ranch brand was born.