Those that know me know that I love my coffee. In the morning, afternoon, and even late in the evening, I enjoy a good cup of coffee almost any time of the day. I am proud to say that my team at the Cowboy Entrepreneur Show and I have created our own brand of coffee. And I want you to know that we got it just right. We don’t put our name on anything unless we are 100 % certain that it is the best product available. We have created a wonderful line of coffees, offered in whole bean, ground, and K cups. Any way you like to brew coffee, well we have a product for you. Each of our coffees carries the Knudsen Family brand, the very same brand that we put on our horses, so you know that this is a quality product. We only use the very best beans available in making our coffees.

Cafe Cubano

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Region: South America, Asia

Roast: "Dark"
Cafe Cubano was designed and a profile created that we use to sell Cuban type cafes. It is darkly roasted and it is versatile enough to make a cup of Cafe Americano, latte, cappuccino, and espresso drinks. Nice cream on the espresso draw.

If you like dark roasted coffees give this one a try and see if your pallet enjoys this coffee we roast for your drinking pleasure.
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