Those that know me know that I love my coffee. In the morning, afternoon, and even late in the evening, I enjoy a good cup of coffee almost any time of the day. I am proud to say that my team at the Cowboy Entrepreneur Show and I have created our own brand of coffee. And I want you to know that we got it just right. We don’t put our name on anything unless we are 100 % certain that it is the best product available. We have created a wonderful line of coffees, offered in whole bean, ground, and K cups. Any way you like to brew coffee, well we have a product for you. Each of our coffees carries the Knudsen Family brand, the very same brand that we put on our horses, so you know that this is a quality product. We only use the very best beans available in making our coffees.

Lightning in a Cup

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Our newest addition to our coffee flavors! A perfect description, to go along with our company story.

This is a coffee from India that naturally is a double caffeine coffee. Great wake me up coffee!!! We dark roast this bean to give you an exciting cup of coffee to start your day! No need for energy drinks when you have Lightning in a Cup to consume!! Brewed is much stronger in caffeine content than drip or K cups.
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